The Experience


You’re probably wondering what it’s like shooting with me. What separates me from other photographers? Well, I can’t speak for them but, I can say that my jokes are hecka awesome. So I’ll make sure you’re smiling throughout the entire time we’re working together. Here’s a quick break down of how we’ll create some memories together.


Step One - Talk to me

I want to make sure that I capture everything you want flawlessly. So let’s talk. We can get to know each other via Skype, in Person, a nice old fashion phone call or a few quick text messages. Hey, you can send me a carrier pigeon (Which if you did that, I’d shoot everything for free just based ff how f***ing amazing that would be.)

Step Two - Where we goin?

Downtown? Near the River? Middle of Nowhere? Need a location but don’t know where to begin? I’ve got tons of location recommendations for you! Let’s get your dream location locked down.

Step Three- So you think you’ve got style?

Yes, yes you do. But who knows? Your nana might be trying to make you wear her old soccop dress from the 50’s. As cute as she thinks it is… it’s not for you. I’ll send you over a style guide to make sure that your personal style shows through and that your photos look timeless.

Step Four - Let me shoot your face

Not literally. Now that we’ve got everything set up. All you have to do is meet me at the location and I’ll take it from there. after our session you will receive a proofing gallery and select the photos that you would like from our session.

Step Five - The Best Part

You receive your photos! After dealing with my silly self it was all worth it. Because now you have beautiful photos to gush over.

How Much???

I know what you’re thinking. “Okay Kaylin, I get it. Tell me what all of this is gonna cost me”


Couples Begin @ $175

Personal Branding Begins @ $150

Portraits Begin @ $130

Families Begin @ $200

Getting Hitched?


Well that’s a whole different story; Check out my Wedding Package info Here