When it comes to capturing your wedding day I like to go with the flow. I'm a strong believer that your wedding day should tell your unique love story. That means that I'll be capturing the happy tears, the toothy smiles and all the stuff that makes your day yours. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll hop into planner mode in a snap to make sure we keep the schedule alive and you two stress free. But aside from a few cheesy jokes and the occasional hype up, I'll be hanging in the back, camera in hand, catching all of your sweet moments.

How I work

Before we can get this thing started, we have to start chatting. Once you fill out my contact form, I'll reach out to you within the next 12 hours and we can set up a call so I can learn more about you two and your wedding to get the ball rolling

What to Expect

01 - Get In Touch!

02 - I Send you package info

03 - We're Booked!

04 - It's time to plan

05 - You get married!!

06 - You get your images

After our chat I'll send you a little additional info and if you need a customized package, I'll work that up for you.

Once you choose your package, I'll send over the cotract and invoice for you to look over and sign, once your 30% deposit is paid we're set and you're booked!

Within about 6 weeks, I'll send you over your final gallery and your keepsake box. And if you'd like we can talk albums + prints!

Once it's official we begin to plan your engagement session. I'm all in from styling to location choice! After that we chat about all the detail of your wedding and what you want captured most.  About a month before your wedding we'll chat again about final timelines + touches.

You'll walk down the aisle and say I do and I'll be there to capture all of it! Within about 2 days, I'll send you over about 50 sneak peaks of the best day ever so you can share away! 

It's not just about capturing your big day, it's about the little moments in between


I truly beleive people are the most beautiful when they don't know that someone's looking at them. Which is why I love candids. I enjoy taking photos that matter. The people that are at your wedding are the ones that you grew up with, they've heard the tales of your awkward first kiss and they know your favorite things about each other. They're the ones that helped you tell your story and you need those people captured as well.

After all, your wedding isn't just about you two. It's about your love story and those people that were there to experience it, as they are now. Celebrating your love. Let's be honest, this may be the last time all of your favorite people will be in the same room together. So my goal is to document your wedding just as it is with the people you care for the most.

Real Moments 
+ Memories

Let's Get In Touch!

Let's start chatting so I can get to know you two as a couple and we can do this thing!