Hey There!

A few things about me:

Cooking is my favorite stress reliever.  If I could have Hot wings + chocolate cake all day, I would. I want to runaway to the California redwoods.

Also, I'm a wedding + elopement photographer based in San Antonio Texas and photography is my life. I'm a cat + plant mom who's obsessed with watching reruns of GOT (not season 8 though... we don't talk about that.)
I'm a California native but, something about the Texas Hill Country called to me and I'll forever be grateful.
Finding that person is the most magical thing on the planet and I know how important it is to capture that love. Which is why I made it my full time gig!

Editing on the couch sis my favorite past time

I like to pretend little hills aare Mt. Everest

xo, Kaylin

I’m a firm believer that I'm not here to tell YOU who you "should" be. So instead, allow me to tell you what I'll do for YOU.

- I'll care for you. This is Not just about your beautiful location or how amazing your wedding details look in photos. This is For YOU and your partner and  your place in this beautiful world.

- I'll Help you. Wedding planning is hard, budgeting is hard, hiring vendors is hard. I'm here to not only be your photographer, but to help you create your timeline, find vendors that are perfect for you, and to reassure you when you feel like you're panicking a little.

- I'll help tell your story. I'll get to know who you are and allow you to create with me throughout the whole process. I'm not here to tell you what your story should be and how it should look through my lens. You're booking me to share your love with the world in this special way. 

Back to you

quotes i love:

you do not wake up and become the butterfly. growth is a process. 


quotes i love:

you become what you believe. 


quotes i love:

in the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. 


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