welcome, lovers!

Texas BASED PHOTOGRAPHER capturing real love.  

My name is Kaylin and i’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in san antonio, texas. with a passion for capturing the spontaneous and unrehearsed moments that life has to offer.

i'm Kaylin jay

Fox + Honey Photography

Let me just start by saying that this isn't about me, it's about you. 

I'm not a photographer "for the wild hearts, adventurous lovers, bohemian spirits. . ." I'm not a photographer for only couples who look like instagram models. I'm not here to capture the perfect pinterest wedding, I'm here for the real love,  the snorty laughs, and the toothy smiles. But, I will make sure you look beautiful.

i’m Kaylin, when i was younger i wanted to be a writer, that dream quickly disappeared when i found out how bad i was at writing. now, i tell stories through my lense. i’ve been doing so for five years and each day i fall more in love with it.

I'm a binge-tv obsessed, chocolate cake loving photographer who loves to hike and tell dad jokes.  let’s be real, i’m probably going to be watching parks & rec while i’m editing your photos
i hope you’ll let me join you in capturing your story.

favorite things:

01. hot coffee

02. cold coffee

03. dad jokes

04. road trips

05. brunch

06. naps

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Without exaggeration the second we met it was an instant click. Her personality shines brighter than Becca Champagne Pop highlight. She is the sweetest girl, and Brooke & I automatically felt a friendship building within 2 minutes of meeting. She’s very professional, and she’s fun. She makes your photo shoots fun! I’m proud to say that I’ve had photos taken by her. She is amazing at her craft. She likes taking candids of couples to capture their raw pure love

love notes:

Tatiana + Brooke

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